Swift Cargo is the outcome of professional and entrepreneurial commitment of its leaders & top management team to establish a high quality, customer centric, service driven logistics company catering to businesses across the globe.

  • Founded: In the Year 1992
  • Top Management:

    Mr. Jayant Bhardwaj – Co-Founder and Chairman
    Mr. Harish Pandeya - Managing Director
    Mr. Baskar V. - Director, Finance

  • India Offices:

    Across 15 cities in India

  • International Offices:

    USA Offices: New York - Los Angeles

    Thailand Office: Bangkok

    UAE Office: Dubai

Team Swift Mission

    • We aim to be the one-stop solution provider for all your international logistics requirements through our wide range of products and services.
    • Being industry experts, we aim to achieve leadership position in providing comprehensive logistics solutions. 
    • To be innovative, efficient and offering customized digital solutions is what we believe in.
    • Continue to offer the best in class service to our customers with our well trained Swift professionals.

Our Vision

To be a holistic gateway in fulfilling complete logistic needs of our customers - big or small; by expanding our horizon to new geographies (trade-lanes), end to end supply chain needs, gen-next logistics capabilities and surpassing milestones in digitisation.

Accreditation, Alliances & Memberships

Our journey began with a dedication to provide services while adhering to the international standards. Over the years, our alliances and memberships have provided the guidelines to ensure that we deliver service up to the mark.

Our Alliances and Memberships include:


    We're registered Multimodal Transport Operator under the Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act, 1993. We can transport goods from any place in India to any part of the world, via 2 or more modes of Transport under a single Multimodal Transport Contract.

    Benefits of being a Multimodal Transport Operator:

    • Cost effective solutions & overall reduction in transportation costs & delays.
    • Enhanced safety of goods in transit.
    • Faster & smoother movement of goods.
    • Interests of shippers are fully protected.

Accreditation with FMC (USA)

    The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is charged with regulating the US international ocean transportation system. Being accredited with the FMC is of immense value for Swift Cargo as it enables us to deliver shipments faster & seamlessly.

Certification with C-TPAT (Customs - Trade Partnership against Terrorism)

    When cargo is imported, Customs and Border Protection Force assigns an undisclosed risk value to each shipment; assessing such risk factors as: country of origin, supplier, type of product, developed intelligence. On the basis of this risk value, cargo is selected for examination by the customs authority. When a C-TPAT certified company imports cargo, CBP deducts points from the risk value. This results in the imported cargo being placed in a preferred category.

    Benefits of C-TPAT Certification:

    • When a particular shipment is selected to be inspected, the process is faster if the shipment is being imported by a C-TPAT certified US importer.
    • The containers/trailers can be moved ahead of any non C-TPAT containers/trailers awaiting exam, regardless of how long they’ve been there.
    • Overall reduction in time and cost of getting cargo released by US Customs.
    • Expedited clearance across the borders between the US & Canada/US & Mexico via dedicated FAST lanes.
    • Eliminates carrier fees, penalties, fines, and container renting space.

Accreditation with IATA (International Air Transport Association)

    IATA, or the International Air Transport Association, is a global trade association that represents and serves the airline industry. It establishes standards for airline activities, facilitates collaboration, and provides a platform for airlines to address common challenges. Membership in IATA is often sought by airlines and other air transport-related businesses to access industry benefits and participate in a unified global aviation network. 

    Benefits of IATA for Swift Cargo: 

    • Swift Cargo gains global credibility by being associated with IATA.
    • Adherence to IATA standards ensures efficient, safe, and compliant cargo operations.
    • Access to a vast network of airlines and industry partners for collaboration and business opportunities.
    • Streamlined cargo operations with standardized processes and documentation.
    • Opportunities for employee skill enhancement through IATA's training programs.
    • Stay informed about industry changes, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations.
    • Benefit from IATA's Cargo Account Management Program for efficient financial transactions.
    • Participate in shaping industry policies and staying informed about industry developments.

Inter Global member with WCA – World Cargo Alliance

    WCA is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders across the globe. Swift plans and executes shipments of reputed cargo companies round the world at locations where geographical and infrastructure limitations would make it seem impossible otherwise.

    Member ID (India): 52721

    Member ID (USA): 134832

JC Premium member with JCtrans

    As a JC Premium member of JCtrans Logistics Network, Swift Cargo enjoys seamless integration into an online platform offering comprehensive logistics services. This membership provides Swift Cargo with global connectivity, collaborative opportunities, and enhanced visibility within the international logistics market. JCtrans plays a pivotal role in fostering cooperation and information exchange, contributing to Swift Cargo's success in the logistics and freight forwarding sectors.

    Member ID: 153238


    Swift Cargo proudly associates itself with GKF Network, a distinguished global alliance of freight forwarders. As a member of GKF Network, Swift Cargo benefits from a seamless connection with reliable agents worldwide, unlocking numerous growth opportunities. The membership includes access to essential tools such as market information, a comprehensive worldwide directory, and support for website design and marketing. Swift Cargo actively participates in the network's annual meetings, leveraging face-to-face networking opportunities to foster collaboration and forge strategic alliances in the highly competitive market.

    Member ID (USA): GKF495

    Member ID (Thailand): GKF496

Freyt World

    Swift Cargo is a proud member of Freyt World, a dynamic logistics network committed to cultivating sustainable relationships and collaboration among its members. Joining forces with Freyt World means immersing Swift Cargo in a world of logistics where meaningful relationships, innovation, and shared success define the essence of the network.


    The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme enables Indian Customs Administration to identify Swift Cargo as a safe & compliant business entity, besides providing us with enhanced & assured facilitation.

    Swift Cargo is accredited as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), compliant with the provisions of National Customs law and approved by or on behalf of the national administration in compliance with World Customs Organization (WCO) or equivalent supply chain security standards.

    This certification enables us to offer smoother & faster services to our customers for their logistic requirements.

    Benefits of AEO Status for Swift Cargo:

    • Worldwide recognition as safe, secure & compliant business partner in international trade & trade facilitation by foreign Customs administration with whom India enters into a Mutual Recognition Agreement/Arrangement (MRA)
    • Facility of Direct Port Delivery (DPD) of import Containers and/or Direct Port Entry (DPE) of Export Containers
    • Prioritized processing and clearance of goods at all seaports & airports
    • Deferred payment of duties
    • Reduction in dwell time & related costs
    • A lower Risk Score in risk analysis systems when profiling
    • Fast tracking of refunds and adjudications

Cross Ocean

    Cross Ocean Network is a part of CLC Projects Group. It consists of professionals in liner shipping, project, general freight forwarding, cargo surveying & airfreight forwarding.

    As a Cross Ocean member, Swift Cargo teams up with other reputed forwarders for moving project cargoes around the world seamlessly.


    Association of Multimodal Transport Operators of India (AMTOI) aims at promoting multimodal transport services in domestic & foreign trade. It works towards improving the quality of multimodal service, studying the issues faced by MTOs and seek resolutions for them.


    Consolidators Association of India (CAI) was founded to develop & protect the interest of Indian Consolidators, both at local & global level. It aims at enabling competitive transaction cost for export-import business, while maintaining international service standards.


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