Air Freight

To fulfil your needs, faster, smoother, better

Speed is the need of the hour today, especially for time-critical cargo. Due to long transit periods, weather conditions and other limitations, marine or land transport facilities fail to deliver quickly. Therefore, a remedy for urgent transportation lies up in the sky: air transportation.

    • Swift is your one stop, all-encompassing air freight service provider offering quick and cost effective services for both imports and exports via airways.
    • We provide all-round solutions for delivering perishables, pharma, high quality goods, hazardous goods, break bulk and time-sensitive cargo across distant corners of the world rapidly.
    • Swift's Air Freight service team arranges for door to door, airport to airport or warehouse to warehouse pick up services for full and part charters with regular as well as express departures.
    • We offer insurance coverage for cargo as well as local deliveries and warehousing.
    • In addition, we have our custom-bonded warehousing facilities where cargo fumigation, palletisation, stuffing and de-stuffing processes are undertaken.
    • Swift Freight has been certified as Indirect Air Carrier (IAC), which gives us the upper-hand in negotiating low-priced air freight rates for exporting to major commercial markets, especially the US, South-East Asian regions like Singapore and Far-East regions like Korea and China.
    • Swift Freight has a platinum membership with World Cargo Alliance (WCA) and is registered with International Air Transport Association (IATA). Hence, we ensure strict adherence to international standards, exercise rapidity in terminal clearance and inspection process.
    • Our alliance with well-founded agents at strategic hubs assist us in operating multi-modal transportation facility with ease.
    • Our digital platform: “SEA - Swift Easy Access” is equipped with shipment tracing facility, instant air rates quotations and much more.