We are Hiring

At SWIFT Freight, we believe that constantly imparting new skills and upgrading our methods of working make for success. We not only train new recruits in specialist industry skills, but robust training of existing staff across all departments is part of our primary agenda.

We are proud to say that our training programs are rather unique in themselves – Every module is designed to keep the focus on the ‘End User’. This means our training emphasizes the ‘What I Can Do for You?’

We have a full-fledged training department, with senior personnel who travel across the country conducting training programs constantly to update employee skills.

On The Job Training (OTJ)

Our OTJ consists of Classroom & Field Training sections. A very dynamic classroom training covers Product and Role Plays. It includes mock sales calls, body language study and improvement. What is unusual about our field training is the fact that, unlike other operators, we actually take it to the field. Personnel learn through live instruction, by observing a senior management person make a presentation to a real customer. Additionally, OTJ also involves two patterns, Fix Appointment & Meet Model and the Cold Call Model. Discussions, reviews, and suggestions for improvements follow field work. OTJ Training also imparts The Continual Learning Program for senior staff.

Customer Service Training

The importance of Customer Service is emphasized through ongoing instruction, that involves:

  • Relative importance of customer service elements
  • Service effects on customer patronage
  • Service – Sales Relationship
  • Service Contingency Plans
  • Tele-calling for customer service

Training with Peers

Fresh recruits are often mentored by existing experienced personnel to give them a feel of the business. The process orientation is provided by peers.

Soft Skills Training

Among the many methods we use, Hunting The Whale, Active Listening, Client Psychology, Prospect Profiling, The 30 Minute – 7 Question Model, and Mechanics of Selling form a part of our Soft Skills Training program.

Client Account Management Training

Our client account management program – builds skills in every area of logistics, from multi-modal logistics management, air freight management, project cargo management, IT based logistics tracking and client servicing.