We love food as much as you do- your expert Food-Stuff Forwarder

If transporting food-stuff is your concern, then Swift is the perfect choice because our expertise in shipping food-stuff is extensive.

Rapid worldwide urbanisation has hiked the demand for perishables thereby aggravating the existing hassle in delivering the goods fresh to your end consumer. Swift is well equipped with sound knowledge and credibility to handle your time sensitive cargo. Being CTPAT compliant in the USA to operating an FDA registered warehouse in Los Angeles, we are capable to handle that frozen mango pulp or truck load of spices and seeds from India.

With our thorough understanding of the food market, regulations of safety and health standards, efficient logistical support, warehousing and consultancy facilities and attention to quality maintenance, we can provide you with top-notch services at appropriate time, in the best condition and at a reasonable price. Additional free time for storage & return of containers is offered to Swift foodstuff customers. 

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