Swift to take care of Warehousing worries!

Merging excellent Warehousing facilities with quality freight shipping enables quick, simple, and efficient supply chain management. This ensures the uninterrupted flow of your goods from the factory to the store. With over 300,000 sq ft of available space spread across 3 individual facilities, we would always be able to find the right cargo storage and processing solution for your shipment. In addition to being conveniently located in the Los Angeles area, all our warehouse partners are FDA registered and licensed by the Health Department.

We provide a host of value-added Warehouse services:

In additional to greater space availability and cost competitive pricing, we can offer you additional valuable warehousing features & services to give your business additional versatility. This is possible due to our relationships with capable and well-established warehousing partners. Our additional options include the following:

  • Full-service distribution
  • FDA inspection
  • Re-packing
  • Trans-loading
  • Pick & Pack, drop shipments, local deliveries
  • Trucking service for inland transportation in US East Coast/US West Coast, Canada, and Mexico


Logistics Transportation Services

With factors such as sufficient storage space and accurate order processing being a key requirement for so many of our warehousing clients, Swift Cargo has worked hard to ensure we can handle large volume shipments as well as more complicated cargo packing and shipping requirements. This capability in combination with our other services ensures Swift Cargo can deliver a full spectrum logistics solution for a broad range of customer needs.

Warehousing is a key part of your supply chain management and when combined with well-synchronized transportation, it can bring immense value to your business, making everything more efficient and easily manageable. We offer Logistics Transportation Services that perfectly complement the Warehousing services and together, these services can come full-circle in providing your business all the solutions that are essential for a smooth supply chain management system.


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