The Terms and Conditions here specified have complied in accordance with Indian Law. The terms of usage attributed to Swift Cargo are as follows:

Trademarks under Swift:
•    Swift Global Line
•    Swift Cargo Inc.
•    Swift Freight

These trademarks have been recognized under Swift Freight India Pvt. Ltd. & Swift Cargo Inc. and the licence for copying, downloading, reproducing, printing, distributing or modifying any of these trademarks is not allowed expressly or implicitly without prior written permission.


The copyright for this website is with Swift Cargo. Any kind of misuse of data will not be entertained under any circumstances. However any person may use the information in the website subjected to conditions as follows:
•    Any fragment of the content may be used only for informative and non-commercial purpose only without any improvisations.
•    If any of portion is to be used, it is mandatory to include our copyright notice: Copyright © Swift Cargo Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Any information from the visitors to our website shall be marked confidential and not disclosed to any third party unless required for provision of services.

Avoidance of Malware:

Swift Cargo endeavours to take actions against any kind of malicious software in the website. However, we cannot ensure absolute exclusion of virus and do not hold any liability for the same. Hence, user discretion is advised to protect your device from virus while downloading any information from the web pages.

Interactivity & Feedbacks:

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and Swift Cargo shall act on your information duly. The interactive features enabled in the website are exclusively meant for specified purposes only.

Disclaimer of Warranties:

Swift Cargo is permitted by law to disclaim all warranties, be it direct or implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of third parties rights and fitness for a particular purpose. Swift Cargo, its associates and licensors make no representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, security or timeliness of the services, content or information provided on or through the website. No information obtained via the website shall create any warranty not expressly stated by Swift Cargo in these terms of service.
These provisions do not affect the statutory rights of consumers that cannot be waived. You are to recognize that these limitations of liability and warranty provided in the terms and conditions are legitimate.

Fraud Awareness

Unauthorized use of the brand Swift Cargo with an attempt to deceive the customers and perform fraudulent activities via e-mails, calls or graphics against the policies of the company might occur. Therefore, please be aware of the following:

Spams & Frauds:

If you receive any junk e-mail in the name of Swift Cargo, whereas, the email ID is unknown, requesting you to open the attachment to affect the transaction. Please do not open it. These mails were not sent by Swift.
If you receive any suspicious or fraudulent e-mails kindly notify us at

Website: https://www.swiftcargo.com


Unauthorized and Fraudulent users might misuse Swift Cargo’s name to grab your attention and lend apparent validity to their mails and extract sensitive information from you. Please beware of such frauds. We recommend you to not open such mails if following is the case:
•    You have received a mail without tracking number or the email instructs you to open the attachment for tracking number.
•    You are not doing business with Swift and the email has an attachment.

If you wish to verify the tracking number, select the Track and Trace option on the home page and enter your number. If no tracking results are found, the number is invalid and the email is unauthorised.

Web Accessibility

We have ensured development of this website in a manner which enables people with various disabilities and impairments to have equal access to information and functionality without any difficulty.

Dispute Resolution

Unless subject to a specific statute or international convention, all claims regarding potential or actual loss made against the company must be made in writing.
It has to be received by the company within 90 days of the event giving rise to claim; 
The failure to notify the company in the prescribed time, shall be used as absolute defence to any suit or action commenced by a customer.


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