Customs Clearance Services

    Be it in India or in the US, understanding customs and stay updated with the constant changes can get very challenging. Even when you have all the knowledge, having the time for all the formalities and ensuring timely preparedness for every eventuality can get really exhausting. At Swift Cargo, we are a licensed Customs Broker – CT-PAT Certified and validated in the US.

    We have a highly trained and experienced team with expertise in the classification and clearance of various commodities. Choose us as your partner and customs clearance shall be one of those tasks that would no longer remain a matter of stress for you.

    US Customs Clearance Agent


    US Customs Clearance Agent

    US customs regulations are complicated and changing all the time. You need an expert who understands the intricacies so as to ensure that your entry is filed correctly to avoid expensive fines and delays. An experienced and reliable customs clearance agent would not just save you from such issues, but can also almost always pre-alert you of potential delays and issues, allowing you to take remedial action where possible, pre-emptively.

    At Swift Cargo, we ensure our customers have peace of mind - knowing their clearance is done right, every time. Our specialized ERP allows you to view and check status at various stages. Further, our Team is always available via email or phone to guide and advise our customers.

    Customs Clearance Services Offered
    • Customs Entry Filing
    • FDA Registration
    • Duty and Tariff Assessment and Payments
    • Import Security Filing ('10+2')
    • Exam Coordination
      • Clearance of FAK Commodities
      • DDP/DDU
      • Cross border entries
      • FDA/USDA coordination
      • Perishable and Refrigerated Cargo
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • FTZ Clearance
      • Warehouse Entries
      • Re exports - IE
      • Free trade samples/ Exhibition (trade shows)/ATA Carnet Cargo
      • Personal Baggage/House Hold goods.
      • Project Cargo

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